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Experience in industrial magnetism since 1970

Magnetic innovation for the steel and recycling industry

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Sollevamento magnetico

Magnetic lifting

We design and manufacture electromagnetic and electro-permanent equipment, intended for steel mills, steel rolling mills, sales warehouses, logistics centres and sea ports, for the handling of iron and steel products.

  • Electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets with or without suspension crosspieces.
  • Electrical power and control equipment.

Magnetic automation

We design and manufacture special magnets for automatic steel rolling mill systems.

  • Electromagnetic plates for packing of steel and iron profiles.
  • Electromagnetic or permanent magnet rollers for the transfer of steel and iron profiles.
  • Permanent magnet plates for the blocking of steel and iron profiles.
  • Water-cooled electromagnetic sliders for braking of smooth or ribbed rods.
Automazione magnetica
Deferizzazione magnetica

Magnetic iron removal

We design and manufacture magnetic iron removal equipment for the recovery of ferrous metals, which are present in metal scrap, in municipal wastes before and after incineration, in wood scrap, in plastic scrap, in glass scrap, etc

  • Electromagnetic and permanent magnet plate iron removers with or without belt.
  • Electromagnetic and permanent magnet drum iron removers.
  • Electromagnetic and permanent magnet pulley iron removers.
  • Permanent magnet duct iron removers.

Metal separation

We design and manufacture Eddy current separators for the recovery of electro-conductive metals (aluminium, magnesium, copper, silver, zinc, brass, etc.), which are present in metal scrap, in municipal waste before and after incineration, in wood scrap, in plastic scrap, in glass scrap, etc.

Separazione mettali

A guaranteed passion

All our magnetic equipment is devised, designed,
manufactured and tested in our factory in Cigole – Brescia.

Made in Italy

Customized magnetic equipment

We offer “tailor-made” equipment according to specific customer needs.

Construction quality and durability over time

Our magnetic devices have high construction quality, reliability and durability over time.

Experience since 1970

Our Company has an experience in the sector of magnetic devices handed on from two generations and which dates back to 1970.

International customers

The reliability of our magnetic equipment has always been recognized by our international customers.

After-sale assistance

We have an internal after-sales service with technicians, who are able to respond in real time to any request, problem or consultancy.

Maintenance, repair and replacement

Our company carries out maintenance, repair and replacement work on both its own equipment and on those of other manufacturers.

Software 3d ad elementi finiti

3D finite element software

To optimize the magnetic circuits of our magnetic lifting and separation equipment, our technical office has equipped itself with a 3D finite element software, in order to analyse and refine the own projects.

About us

Founded by Vincenzo Vazzoler in 1998, Vazzoler s.r.l. was born from a long experience in the magnetic equipment sector, handed down since 1970.

attrezzature magnetiche

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